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  • What are the Registration Deadlines?
    The upcoming registration deadlines are as follows: 2nd Trimester 24.01.24 – to start an activity in February 2024 24.02.24 – to start an activity in March 2024 20.03.24 – to start an activity in April 2024 3rd Trimester 24.04.24 – to start an activity in May 2024 24.05.24 – to start an activity in June 2024 (and possibly continue the following school year) If registration deadlines are not met, children will not be able to start the next month, but in two months time.
  • What are the Cancellation Deadlines?
    The upcoming cancellation deadlines are as follows: 2nd Trimester 21.01.24 – activity that started in January 2024 25.02.24 – activity that started in February 2024 17.03.24 – Activity, Childminding and School Bus deadline for Trimester 3 (Easter – Summer Break 2024) 3rd Trimester 21.04.24 - activity that started in April 2024 19.05.24 - activity that started in May 2024 28.06.24 - Activity, Childminding and School Bus deadline for next school year.  If cancellation deadlines are not met, charges will apply for the remainder of the trimester. The only valid exceptions are 1) a long-term medical issue that we receive a doctor’s certificate for and 2) the activity time conflicts with the school schedule or a school event, e.g. Choir.
  • What are the Starting Dates 2024?
    February Starting Dates Monday-5th Tuesday- 6th Wednesday- 7th Thursday- 1st Friday- 2nd March Starting Dates Monday- 4th Tuesday- 5th Wednesday- 6th Thursday- 7th Friday- 1st April Starting Dates Monday- 8th Tuesday- 9th Wednesday- 10th Thursday- 11th Friday-12th May Starting Dates Monday- 6th Tuesday- 7th Wednesday- 8th Thursday- 2nd Friday-3rd June Starting Dates Monday- 3rd Tuesday- 4th Wednesday- 5th Thursday-6th Friday- 7th
  • What are Extra Curricular Activities?
    Extra Curricular Activities take place after school. We offer a wide range of different activities: sports & dance, creative, cognitive, STEM, music and language.
  • Where do activities take place and where do I collect my child?
    As a rule, activities take place in the school Modular Building for PP & P1 children and at EuroKids Village for children P2 and up. You can collect your child at these locations after the activity is over.
  • How can I register for Extra Curricular Activities?
    Parents must be a member of the European School Frankfurt Parents’ Association to be able to apply for Extra Curricular Activities. Please login and go to the ECA section of our website: ESF Parents' Association - EuroKids Extra Curricular Activities Should you need further assistance, please contact us at
  • Can my child try out Extra Curricular Activities throughout the year?
    You can apply for Extra Curricular Activities throughout the school year. All mid-year activity registrations are subject to space being available and pedagogical considerations, e.g. how far other children in the activity have already progressed and whether it makes sense for a newcomer to join at that stage in time. New activity registrations made before the 20th of the month will be considered for the next month. New activity registrations can be cancelled until the 20th of the month. Please note that any cancellations after the 20th of each month will be charged for the remainder of the trimester.
  • How long does a registration for Extra Curricular Activities last? How can it be terminated?
    As a rule, Extra Curricular Activity registrations automatically renew themselves each school year, with the following exceptions: 1) if a child ages out of an activity, e.g. Early Musical Education for PP & P1 when the child enters P2 and 2) when the parent cancels the activity for the next trimester. The first trimester is September-December, the second trimester is January-Easter and the third trimester Easter-July. The cancellation deadlines are one week before the last school day prior to the Christmas Break, Easter break and Summer Break. We remind parents via email when cancellation deadlines are approaching. During the first 3 weeks of a school year, the Extra Curricular Activities can be cancelled any time.
  • How do I cancel an Extra Curricular Activity?
    Sign into your parent association account at HYPERLINK "" Navigate to the Extra Curricular Activities page, select the activity and press cancel Await Confirmation mail If you encounter any difficulty during the cancellation process, please contact us at
  • How do I pay for Extra Curricular Activities?
    Extra Curricular Activities are calculated per year and payable over 10 equal monthly installments (from September to June). These payments are debited from the PA Member’s account in the month after the services have taken place. Parents will receive a SEPA notification mail detailing costs which will be debited from the account which was provided in your Parent Association membership application.
  • Who do I contact regarding invoices and financial bookings?
    Please contact our team at, we would be pleased to help you.
  • Are there times when activities do not take place?
    No activities take place on days when the ESF is closed, the last day before the Summer and Winter breaks and the first week of school after the Summer Break. We try to avoid cancellations (due to teacher illness etc.. ) during the school year wherever possible by providing lessons with substitute teachers. When this is not possible, childminding services are provided.
  • Will I still be charged if a certain activity does not take place?
    In cases where activities are cancelled during the school year without substitution, the fees for the Activity will not be charged as of the 3rd time the Activity does not take place. Childminding services are provided for children in the unlikely event of activities not taking place at no additional cost.
  • What happens if I am late picking up my child?
    After an activity has ended, those children not collected by parents are brought back to Childminding. For parents of children not registered with Childminding, additional costs will be charged if parents are late.
  • Do I have to do anything if I receive a mail that my child is on an activity waiting list?
    No. Our team will contact you as soon as a place becomes available in your child’s chosen activity. If the group remains fully booked and we receive enough interest for an activity we may contact you with the opportunity to join a new activity group at a different time.
  • Why are Sports Activities not taking place earlier, directly after school?"
    Space is limited and EuroKids is very fortunate that the ESF offers its sports facilities for EuroKids Extra Curricular Activities after 16.00. Prior to this time the sports hall is being used for regular school sports lessons for secondary students.
  • What equipment does my child need to bring for the activities?
    Parents will be informed via e-mail if there is anything their child needs to bring with them. This information is also included in the activity descriptions on our website. As a general rule: For language and music activities, the teachers will tell the children about the required books, materials and instruments. For sports, dance and performance activities the children need to wear appropriate sport clothing and bring a bottle of water. Special uniforms (e.g. for Judo) can be bought via the EuroKids administration team. For activities that take place in the sports hall, only shoes with white soles are allowed. For robotics and ICT, the teachers will provide instructions on any required software and additional material to be purchased. For creative activities, the teachers will provide information about any required materials. EuroKids provides a significant amount equipment for the activities. There is also an annual budget for new purchases and replacements.
  • What are Open Days?
    Some activities host Open Days, which are performances or exhibitions that parents are invited to watch. We will inform you via email if there is an upcoming Open Day in your child’s activity. Some activity groups or activity teachers also perform during the annual Summerfest. If this is the case, parents will also be informed ahead of time.
  • Am I charged if my child is ill or has a long-lasting health issue that prevents them from participating?
    If your child is unable to attend for whatever reason, please inform us via email. In the event of a short-term illness, e.g. a cold or a child is feeling unwell that day, the price of the activity will be charged as normal. In the event of a long-term health issue, e.g. a broken arm which prevents a child from participating in sports activities, we will not charge parents if they provide us with a doctor’s certificate. If there is covid infection and quarantine or an absence due to a high-risk family member, absences that last for one month will be treated as a “long term health issue” without a charge subject to doctor´s certificate submission.
  • Why might an activity be cancelled during the school year?
    EuroKids is a non-profit organisation. In order to sustainably offer services to ESF families, we must ensure that activities are at least break-even and do not incur losses. If an activity does not meet the minimum level of participants, either the activity price must be increased or the activity needs to be cancelled. 18. How can I give my feedback to EuroKids on the quality of the provided services? Your feedback on how we may better benefit the children is always warmly received. We appreciate any opportunity to improve the quality of our services. Please send us your feedback at
  • How long is the waiting list valid for?
    When your child is on the waiting list for an activity e.g. Tennis, this waiting list will be retained for the period of one school year e.g. 2020-2021. In case your child is interested in tennis the next school year 2021-2022 and is still on the waiting list (was not confirmed for Tennis and did not attend) then you will need to register your child again for the next school year.
  • How can I give my feedback to EuroKids on the quality of the provided services?
    Your feedback on how we may better benefit the children is always warmly received. We appreciate any opportunity to improve the quality of our services. Please send us your feedback at
  • 1. What is Childminding?
    Childminding is a highly flexible afternoon care for children in Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary school (S1, S2) of the European School Frankfurt (ESF), whose parents are members of the parents’ association.
  • 2. Where does Childminding take place?
    Childminding is divided into two areas. The care of the Pre-Primary and Primary-1 children is taking place on the premises of the ESF in the rooms of the modular building and the children of Primary 2 until Secondary 2 are taken care of in three container buildings on the premises of EuroKids gGmbH on the opposite of the ESF.
  • 3. Which opening hours does Childminding have?
    Childminding takes place after school ends and can be booked either until 04:30 pm or 06:15 pm.
  • 4. Are there closing times in Childminding?
    The summer closing times are planned each year depending on the ESF holiday calendar and amount to one to a maximum of two weeks. Childminding is closed during the Christmas Break.
  • 5. What happens on days, when school ends early?"
    Childminding usually offers early childcare. For this you must register your child separately. We will inform you as soon as possible by e-mail or via our newsletter about special days.
  • 6. Who are my contact persons for Childminding?
    Department Pre-Primary and Primary 1: Head of department Sabine Tüshaus : +49 69 9202081079 Department Primary 2- Secondary 2: Head of department Kathrin Pfaff +49 69 9202081078
  • 7. How can I register my child for Childminding?
    The registration for Childminding is made via the website of the parents’ association: Here you will find current and general information.
  • 8. How can I change my Childminding registration?
    You can view our change your data or care options via the Childminding registration platform. For this, Log in via the website of EuroKids gGmbH and you will be redirected to the platform.
  • 9. At what time can I change my registration?
    For each trimester there is a specific deadline for changes, the date can be found on the website of the parents’ association.
  • 10. What happens, if I miss the deadline to change my registration?
    We try to be as flexible as possible with regards to changes e.g. switching childminding from Tuesday to Wednesday though cancellations made after the deadlines will be charged until the end of the upcoming school period (Sept-Dec, Jan-Easter, Easter-Summer).
  • 11. Who do I contact regarding the payment?
    Please contact EuroKids GgmbH for all questions concerning payments.
  • 12. What language is spoken in Childminding?
    German is our common language in Childminding. It is complemented by the multilingualism of the ESF.
  • 13. What do I have to consider before my child participates in Childminding for the first time?
    Childminding should have your registration, contact details and Persons authorised to collect you child/children. Please inform us about potential ECA’s and bus times that concern your child/children and also please inform your child/children’s teacher about the participation in Childminding. A requirement for the care of your child in our facility is, according to the German Measles Protection Act, proof of vaccination against measles.
  • 14. What do I do if my child is sick or can’t participate in Childminding?
    Please send an email at the latest 3 hours before school ends to and let us know about the duration of the absence. Please inform us immediately if your child has a notifiable illness according to § 6 IFSG.
  • 15. How does my child get from the classroom to Childminding?
    The children from Pre-Primary to Primary 3 are picked up by permanent Childminders at the classrooms. The children from Primary 4 to Secondary 2 come to Childminding independently.
  • 16. At what times can I pick up my child from Childminding?
    You can pick up your child from Childminding at any time within the booked childcare option. Please note that picking up your child during the transfer phase from school to Childminding and during snack time can only be arranged in exceptional cases.
  • 17. What happens if I am late to pick up my child from Childminding?
    If you have not informed us, we will try to contact you. For a late pickup after 06:15 pm (Late-Check-Out) you will be charged 30,00€. For a late pickup after 04:40 pm an extension of the care time until 06:15 pm will be charged. The signature for a late pickup after 06:15 pm is required. Eurokids GgmbH decides on exceptional cases.
  • 18. What does my child need for Childminding?
    Children from Pre-Primary to Primary 1 need slippers. Please mark the property of your child/children with the name. Fruit and water is always available for your child. If this is not enough, you can give your child/children a snack.
  • 19. Is my child allowed to bring their own toys to Childminding?
    Own toys are generally allowed in Childminding, as long as they do not disturb the Childminding process. The staff of Childminding decides about a possible ban. Please note that we are not liable for any toys you bring along. Please do not let your child/children bring electronical devices and toys to Childminding. The active use of mobile phones, I- pads etc. are only allowed from the 4th grade onwards in a certain time frame.
  • 20. Can my child do homework at Childminding?
    Childminding offers homework supervision in the languages of the sections after the end of school.
  • 21. Is Childminding also offered during the holidays?
    During the ESF holidays (except for a maximum of 2 closing weeks in summer and the Christmas Break) Childminding offers all-day holiday camps (8:00 am -06:15 pm).
  • 22. How do holiday camps differ from regular Childminding?
    The Holiday Camps take place all day with full catering (breakfast, lunch, snack). The weeks have a specific theme with various workshops and excursions. A short description of each programme can be found on the Childminding Holiday Camp leaflet on the website of Eurokids gGmbH.
  • 23. How can I register my child for the Holiday Camps?
    Registrations for the Holiday Camps must be made via the website of Eurokids gGmbH. Places are limited and will be allocated according to the "first come first serve" procedure.
  • 24. How do I know that my registration for the Holiday Camps has been successful?
    You will soon receive a general confirmation of the Holiday Camps you have booked and shortly before the start of the holiday week a programme plan with the respective contact persons will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • 1. What is the School Bus service?
    EuroKids runs a school bus service for children of members of the ESF Parents’ Association, both in the morning and in the afternoon. In the morning buses are scheduled to arrive around 08:15h. In the afternoon buses are scheduled to leave at 15:20h (Monday-Thursday), 13:10h (Friday) as well as 16:25h and 17:30h (Monday-Friday).
  • 2. What routes are there?
    The current bus routes can be viewed on the website's school bus registration page.
  • 3. What are the times listed on the registration page?
    Please note that the times listed are departure and arrival times. That means that in the morning and in the afternoon you should be at the listed bus stop about five minutes before the listed time.
  • 4. How can I register?
    Members of the ESF PA can register their children on the school bus registration page.
  • 5. How does my child get to school from the morning bus?
    In the morning the school buses are welcomed by school teachers. PP, P1 and P2 children are collected by the teachers and escorted to their classes in the Modular Building. Children from P3 upwards need to walk to their classrooms by themselves.
  • 6. How does my child get to the afternoon school bus?
    For buses leaving directly after school: PP, P1 and P2 children are collected by school teachers and escorted to the buses. Children in P3 and up need to come to the bus by themselves. For buses leaving after EuroKids services: PP and P1 children are escorted to the bus by EuroKids staff. Children in P2 and up will be escorted to the bus by EuroKids staff if their activity takes place in EuroKids premises. Otherwise they will need to come to the bus by themselves.
  • 7. Who do I contact if my child misses the morning bus?
    There is no need to contact anybody concerning the bus service. If a child does not turn up for the morning bus the bus will leave without the child.
  • 8. Who do I contact in case there are last minute changes regarding my child taking the bus?
    If there are changes for the child’s afternoon bus schedule, you need to contact before 12:00h on the given day.
  • 9. Can I track the whereabouts of a bus?
    EuroKids, in cooperation with the bus company, runs a bus tracking system that shows the whereabouts of the bus. The system is based on Whatsapp and uses Google Maps. Parents registered for the bus receive links to the Whatsapp groups.
  • 10. Can my child leave the bus alone?
    No., unless otherwise communicated from parents. Parents need to state in their registration if their child is allowed to leave the bus without a pickup person. If you wish to request a change in permissinos or pick up persons, please contact
  • 11. What happens if a child is not picked up from the afternoon bus?
    If a child is not picked up, the bus driver will contact EuroKids and EuroKids will try to contact the parents to solve the problem. Solutions will depend on the situation: - The bus will wait, if possible, at the given bus stop, if the pickup person indicates he/she will arrive within a minute. - The bus will take the child to the last bus stop and the pickup person has to go there to pick up the child. - If the bus is scheduled to return to the school for a later trip, the child remains on the bus for a later pickup. That means the child will spend a long time on the bus. - The child will be taken to the bus driver’s home. Fortunately, this has never happened.
  • 12. How do I cancel the service?
    You communicate with . Cancellation deadlines apply.
  • 13. Who do I contact regarding invoices and final bookings?
    Please contact
  • 14. How is my child supposed to behave on the bus?
    You will find all bus rules on the school bus page of the EuroKids website.
  • 15. Why is there no school bus from where I live?
    Depending on the amount of children and the area they live in, the bus routes are planned out. In addition the school parking lot allows for three buses at the same time. Currently there are six morning buses which means three buses unload children while three buses wait in the street. More buses cannot be accommodated.
  • 1. What are Holiday Camps and when do the take place?
    Holiday Camps are “thematic” activities offering an interesting, educational, active and sociable way to spend their holidays. Each Camp usually lasts for one week and takes place during the ESF school holidays, except from the winter break and public holidays. We run the Holiday camps through either EuroKids or through our external partner Global Education GmbH that provides our regular childminding services.
  • 2. Where do they take place?
    Camps generally take place at the EuroKids Village and the ESF sports hall.
  • 3. How can I register my child?
    If you are a PA member, please register your child through our website by logging in to your account. In case you are not a PA member please contact us via e-mail. For Non PA members, different charges apply. Should you need any further assistance please contact us at
  • 4. What does my child need to bring?
    Specific information about what your child needs to bring for the camp is always included in the confirmation e-mail received for the registration.
  • 5. How much do holiday camps cost?
    The costs of the holiday camps vary depending on the individual activity and the amount of children. The prices are published on our website when under the registration process.
  • 6. How do I pay?
    Payments are debited to the PA Member’s bank account in the months after the services have taken place. Parents will receive a SEPA notification e-mail detailing the costs which will be debited to the bank account which was provided in your Parent Association membership application.
  • 7. Can I cancel a holiday camp after receiving confirmation?
    Cancellation following the e-mail confirmation of the Camp registration is not possible. This is because the Camp organisation is only possible if the minimum level of participants is met. EuroKids may not afford to run the Camp at a loss. Consequently, cancellations that will take effect after the confirmation of registration has been received, will be charged. Exceptions may be considered in case of a significant unexpected health issue subject to doctor´s certificate.
  • 8. Who do I contact regarding general holiday camp questions?
    Specific information about the Camps will be received through the e-mail confirmation. For any additional questions you may contact us at

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